Q: What if my pet becomes ill while being boarded and I'm away?

A: First, we rarely see health issues due to the non-humid, airy(decreases bacteria and fungal growth due to less moisture), less crowded environment that allows dogs outside time to eliminate outside, resulting in little stress for housetrained dogs.

Our Pet Medical Plans are as follows: We will contact you prior, for your direction if the pet's illness is mild, so you can decide what you would like us to do or if your pet is "normally like that". Depending upon the situation, we make every effort to contact your vet first, contingent upon seriousness, your vet's location and hours. If your vet can't be reached or is out of reach, we may contact our own vet, Dr. Craig Kuether or another well-respected local vet, or in case of serious emergency, we head to the Emergency Vet Clinic.

Occasionally, pets have basic, non-emergency issues (chewing, licking, scraped pad, etc.) we will inform you during pick-up as to not create worry while you are on vacation since these are non-emergencies.

Q: Should I bring my pet's own food, bedding and/or toys?

A: We feed fresh Bil-jac. Bil-jac is a premium food found in the frozen section of the grocery store.

If your pet is 4 + years old, bedding from  home is fine as long as it doesn't harbor fleas. (all dogs found with fleas will be immediately bathed at the owner's expense) Younger pets often play with their beds like a big stuffed toy and as they become excited seeing other dogs. At that time, we will remove it so as not to allow your dog to ingest any of the material.

Toys and chews are fine to bring but keep in mind, if the toy or chew becomes too small, pieces can lodge intestinally, creating an obstruction which is very costly to the owner. We do try and remove toys if we see them becoming too small and potentially hazardous for your pet's health.

  • we provide rubber mats to insulate the dog from the tile floor and give cushion to the joints.
  • you are welcome to bring small crates for the small dog area(upper building), for dogs whose beds and crates serve as one.
  • please bring your dog's own food if he cannot change diets without resulting in diarrhea and it is necessary if he's on a medically prescribed diet.